Arrive "prepared";

The too many fats that we tend to accumulate during the holidays are bad for our body and strain the stomach, intestines, liver and pancreas more than usual. But we can arrive prepared for the gastronomic tour de force with a healthy diet in the weeks leading up to the holidays.

Eat only what you like;

Is there something you don't like at all, but after all it's Christmas and you have to taste it? Wrong! Save a few calories by avoiding eating foods that don't satisfy you.

Eat slowly;

During the holidays it is certainly important to try to reduce the quantities, but also to work on speed. Chewing slowly means enjoying the dish better but also reaching a sense of satiety first and having an easier digestion.

Break between meals;

A longer break between meals can prevent a feeling of heaviness. The feeling of fullness usually comes 20 minutes after eating. Once you have finished a dish, wait 5-10 minutes before allowing yourself the second round.

Drink a lot of water;

This advice is valid all year round, but when you eat more abundantly and tastier than usual, the body may need more hydration. Drinking more water can also contribute to satiety.Homemade dessertsPurchased products often contain more sugar than necessary. Easily cut calories by making desserts yourself at home. With our preparations you can take off some whims by cooking excellent pancakes or delicious crepes. In addition, with oatmeal (natural-pistachio-hazelnut) you can delight in preparing truly delicious cakes and pies, to be made even better with our spreads. You will find everything in the section of our shop

Lemon in the morning;

A glass of warm water with the juice of half a lemon squeezed in the morning before breakfast, helps metabolism and purifies the body.Avoid carbonated and sugary drinks;Better not to add other calories to those contained in the already rich meals of the holidays. Carbonated and sugary drinks but also bitters and alcoholic beverages, bring an excessive dose of sugar and calories, which the body does not need these days.

Don't skip meals;

After Christmas lunch it is not a good habit to skip dinner. Better to eat vegetables: a salad or leafy vegetables. Avoid getting full with fruit: too rich in sugar.

Stay active;

Relaxing and enjoying a few days of vacation does not mean living in symbiosis with the sofa. Ok to rest but you can stay active with walks in the city or in nature. Walking for about an hour you can burn up to 300 kcal.