According to historical sources, pole dancing developed in North America during the depression years of the 1920s, when in traveling shows of the acrobatic circus, athletes often used the poles of the marquees to perform in shows.

Those who do not know this discipline well often make the mistake of confusing it with Lap Dance but they are profoundly different practices. While the latter was born as a playful and entertainment show, pole dance is a full-fledged sporting activity that is based on the execution of acrobatic figures, which require considerable skills of strength, fluency, coordination, agility, flexibility and resistence.

Pole Dance allows you to express your sensuality, as well as requiring dexterity and physical strength. Perhaps for this reason, it meets the female taste more easily. Among the many benefits, it is an excellent discipline to help the loss of fat mass in favor of muscle mass and reduce the accumulation of water between the tissues.Therefore, the effect is a conspicuous overall weight loss especially localized in the waistline and hips. In fact, abs, buttocks, legs, arms, chest and back are defined and sculpted. Furthermore, it is one of the few sports that can strengthen adductors.The pole is the fundamental tool of Pole Dance. Everything is aimed at performing more or less complex acrobatic figures on a pole.These movements translated into jargon are called "tricks".Everyone and everyone can approach this discipline without a particular sporting background.Strength and flexibility must be gradually formed and built during the workouts, which will be targeted for each category of participants.The training sessions consist of a warm-up part and a strengthening part. At the end of the session, muscle cool-down, stretching and release of any tension exercises are performed.During training it is essential to follow the instructions of the teachers who constantly check the exercises in order to correct spoiled attitudes and incorrect postures that could be harmful.The most willing athletes often combine more intensive training with sessions in the weight room.Our gym uses the experience and passion of a very good teacher. We have a room equipped with 6 poles and we carry out pole dance lessons 3 days a week in multiple time slots. Challenge yourself! We are waiting for you!